MembershipAt the First United Methodist Church of Blairstown, we’re grooming people to become disciples by connecting people in a growing, engaged, active relationship with Jesus Christ. While you are welcome to attend our church as a guest, it is our hope that you will want to make a commitment to your walk of faith and to the ministry of our church by becoming a member. By declaring yourself a member, you enter into a covenant relationship with the church to deepen your relationship with Christ, to understand and use the gifts God has given you to bless the people in your life, and to support the work of Christ through our church.

If you are considering membership at our church, the first step is to speak with the Pastor where you’ll learn more about the church, and understand what membership in our church is about. If you decide that membership is right for you, you will be invited to participate in one of our new member classes.

Whether you’re coming into your relationship with Christ for the first time, or you’ve belonged to another church before, there are several ways you can join the First United Methodist Church:

Full Membership

Full Membership is for those who have been baptized and made confession of faith in Jesus Christ and wish to unite fully with this congregation. You may become a full member by confession of faith, restoration of membership, or transfer of membership. Full membership enables you to participate fully in our church and qualifies you for any office held by a lay person in our local congregation.

Profession of Faith

If you’re just beginning your faith journey you may confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior before the congregation. If you have never been baptized, your confession of faith will include baptism.

Restoration of Membership

If you have been a member of our church or another church at one time, but have been inactive for 2 years or more, you may unite by renewing your commitment to practice faithful discipleship as a member of the body of Christ. A consultation with the Pastor is all it takes to restore your membership in the Church.

Transfer of Membership

If you are a member of another church, you may join by requesting a transfer of your membership to the First United Methodist Church of Blairstown. Our staff will make sure all of the necessary paperwork is done to effect the transfer.


As a part of our denominational membership care, if you are a member of another United Methodist Church in another city, but will be residing in this area, you may unite with the First United Methodist Church of Blairstown as an affiliate member. This allows you to keep your membership in your home church, but will place you under the pastoral care of our church.


As a part of caring for other Christians from another denominational walk of faith, if you are a member of another Christian Denomination in another city, but will be residing in this area you may become an associate member. You will maintain membership in your home church, but be under the pastoral care of our church’s pastor and staff.

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